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10 Nail Design Ideas in 2022 for different Nail Shapes

You must first consider your preferred nail form before considering color, patterns, or finish. There are various key factors to consider when deciding between gorgeous nails and unattractive claws, as well as strong tips and broken points.

Below is a nail shape guide as well as some illuminated samples of brilliantly done nail shapes from salons all over the world.

What Is the Importance of Nail Shape?

It’s pointless to spend months growing your nails only to realize that a short style is currently fashionable.

Similarly, a full set of acrylic nails can last 2 to 3 months, so make sure the style you desire is going to remain popular for a long time!

Extended square nails (or “square stiletto”) are particularly on-trend as we reach autumn 2021, according to Cosmopolitan. They’re a combination of two different manicure designs, and they’re a fantastic illustration of what a skilled nail artist can do!

Strength of the Nails

The strength of each nail is varied. This has two interpretations. Choose shapes like oval, natural, and almond if you want a really sturdy nail shape that is less prone to break.

These forms are quite similar to the shape of your natural nails. Sharp edges, such as the square shape, are more likely to break. If you’re set on having angular nails while maintaining strength.

The strength of your nails can also be determined by how well they fit your hands. Consider the following scenario:

Short round nails stretch your fingers, whereas stilettos that are too long may look unbalanced.


Your occupation, as well as your interests, are important! If you spend a lot of time with your hands, whether baking and cooking or typing on a computer all day, your nail shape should be more practical. Oval, almond, square, and other shapes are available.

You won’t be doing anything difficult, but you’ll look fantastic.

2022 Nail Design Ideas


A lovely illustration of natural nail forms! This person’s fingers are rounded but not pointed, and they follow the natural shape and style of their hands. When they’re tapped against a table, they’ll undoubtedly make that gratifying sound.

The style is also fantastic — a reverse French tip, which may become a popular manicure shape and style trend in 2022. The French tip is suitable for both rounded and square nails, however, it looks best on shorter rather than longer shapes (although we have seen some stunning exceptions).


The main difference between oval and rounded nails (see below) is that oval nails protrude farther from the fingers and are only bent at the end. 

This sample properly demonstrates the rounded edges. The nails are a touch short for a traditional oval shape, but they may easily be made longer. The color scheme of blue, white, and black, with a hint of textural gold, is stunning.


Rounded nail shapes appear to extend from the curvature of the fingers and are more angular than oval nail shapes. 

This photo also shows how the pattern might appear to change the curve of the nails. Even though they’re the same length, the French tips appear somewhat longer than the daisy print nails. When selecting a design and style, keep this in mind.

Check out almond below if you prefer a natural look with a little more edge.


It’s a bold appearance that’s not for the faint of heart. They’re also quite inconvenient to use and make typing a nightmare. If you work with your hands, stay away from this style!

However, if you’re an influencer looking to make a fashion statement, it’s a terrific chance to try something new. The wide nail form provides a larger canvas for nail art, so if you’re like that, this is a wonderful shape for you. Acrylics are ideal for this form because of their strength, which reduces the risk of chipping or cracking.


Squoval nails start off the square, but the sharp corners are filed down somewhat to give them rounded edges. This gives you a bold, square look without the sharp corners that grab on everything.

The design you select has an effect on how crisp or flowing the shape of your nails appears. The smooth white curves and charming black polka dots in this photo provide a softer overall look.

Cut out

However, in most real cut-out nail shapes, the curve is relatively slight. It adds length to your nails without making them as lengthy as stiletto or ballerina nails.

Remember that the longer you leave your cut-out nail shapes on, the weaker they will get. 

Using a French tip color pattern to enhance the form will help to emphasize the cutout look.


Squoval and wide/flair nails are frequently confused with trapeze nails. 

Because the weak spots on square-style nails are always the points, rounding them somewhat will give you a stronger nail shape. This is well demonstrated by this pink and white leopard pattern manicure design.


Over the course of 2021, almond nails had a major spike in popularity. They’re self-explanatory — they’re nails with the rough shape of almonds! These nails have a naturally rounded tip that can be achieved by growing out natural nails, though gels and acrylics are more commonly utilized with this design.

In this shape, almost any nail design or color looks excellent. It’s also a good choice for newbies who aren’t used to working with lengthy nails.


Edge nails have two long sides and culminate to a very sharp point in the centre.

Edge nails, like the following nail shape, lipstick, are quite popular among influencers. They’re usually quite long nails with vivid, eye-catching, and distinctive designs and styles. These nails will make you stand out among the crowd.


Lipstick nail designs are strong and are gaining fashionable. They, we believe, will be a massive trend in 2022. Numerous influencers are currently flaunting this nail shape throughout Instagram in a variety of fashions. It has a punk rock vibe to it, especially with those awesome finger tattoos.

However, consider it in rose pink metallic. Notice how the vibe may shift? Lipstick nail shapes are also excellent for nail artists since they provide an interesting angular form to work with. However, the angular tip on each nail may take some time to adjust to!

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