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How to Do Natural Eye Makeup

The foundation of makeup is always skincare. Apply a small amount of the eye cream, or moisturizer prior to applying the concealer under your eyes to soften and moisturize the eye area. You may find that after moisturizing, you don’t require concealer all the time.

However, if you do, moisturizing your eye area will help make your concealer go on smoother. Be aware that concealer meant to brighten the under-eye area and concealing dark circles is slightly different from concealer designed to conceal imperfections.

3 Tips for Applying Under Eye Concealer

Because under-eye shadows typically are bluish or have a purple shadow, a peachy, or yellow-toned concealer will help to neutralize that, regardless of which skin tone you have.

Blending under-eye concealer and the warmth of your fingertips allows it to melt into your skin in a seamless manner to create the most natural appearance However, if you’re looking for more coverage you can use an eye makeup brush or sponge will be more effective.

Do not forget to set your concealer under the eyes with a little powder in case you’re wearing eyeliner or mascara, in order to stop the other eye makeup from smudging.

How to Do Natural Eyeshadow Makeup

For eye shadows, warm neutrals look lovely on all and are a breeze to wear. Nothing too matte or too shimmery or frosty–natural-looking textures and finishes.

The basic look of your eye includes three shades that are light, medium, as well as dark neutral hues (in matte or flat finish) All of which focus on your skin shade. If you’re lucky, you might find the three ideal eye shadow shades in one eyeshadow palette that is natural.

Light: a light bone or ivory-coloured shadow, taupe, or the chestnut brown

Medium-to-tan: a taupe chestnut brown as well as an espresso-brown

Dark/Deep: medium-brown, darker brown as well as a dark black/brown shadow

Applying your eyeshadow follow these general guidelines:

Lightest shadow: applied throughout the lids as a base for removing the excess oil and to even out the look of your eyes.

Mid-tone shadow: Used on the lid visible below the crease to give depth

Darkest shadows: to add definition along the lash line, or for creating a smokey eye

5 Tips for Applying Eyeshadow

  1. Always ensure that you tap off any excess eyeshadow powder from the eyeshadow brush prior to applying the eyeshadow to avoid shadow fallout.
  2. Retract your gaze from the mirror between every step of your eye makeup . This will ensure your liner and shadows position is exactly where you want it to be. If not, you can adjust according to your needs.
  3. Use cotton swabs to make small errors disappear or to pick up shadows that could land upon your cheeks.
  4. For people with aged skin or lines that are visible in their eye area, applying an eye primer beneath the makeup of your eyes will greatly assist in preventing any eye makeup from creasing.
  5. A heavily textured eyeshadow that’s extremely matte or extremely shiny can look more striking on skin that is mature. Opt for eyeshadows with the slightest shimmer or smooth finish for a natural look.

How to Do Natural Eyeliner Makeup

Eyeliners are available in a variety of shades, however black or navy eyeliner can define your eyes and enhance your eye colour, but without appearing too trendy. Eyeliner can be a challenging item to incorporate in a natural makeup style. To get the best results, pick an eyeliner that matches the look of your eyeshadow and stay clear of the waterlines.

7 Tips for Applying Eyeliner

  1. “Warm up” an eye pencil by rubbing it against it’s back hand several times. So that it doesn’t drag across your eyelids with a snap when you attempt applying it.
  2. To use liquid liner you should try to keep pens in a tip-side-down container. Some require a shake prior to applying them, or rubbing the tip of the pen across the back of your hands to let the ink flow.
  3. Gel eyeliner is a great option. When using it in a pot, select an eyeliner brush with an extremely fine point (whether it’s tapered or angled) Don’t apply too much to prevent clumps or smearing.
  4. For a line to be applied closest to your eyelashes is possible look downwards in the mirror while applying or gently pull the eyelid up (like makeup artists use when applying makeup on others).
  5. The placement of your eyeliner can alter the appearance of your eyes shape. To maintain a natural look, keep your eyes on your eyelid.
  6. Cotton swabs are excellent to soften lines and getting rid of liner blunders.
  7. For those with mature skin, clear lines can be difficult to make and eventually look a little unsteady because eyelid skin is more slender and more loose. A messy makeup pencil, or gel-liner that is topped with dark eyeshadows can give an attractive effect that appears natural, but not overly harsh.

How to Do Natural Eyelashes Maekup

If your lashes aren’t curled naturally, applying an eyelash curler prior to applying mascara will keep them in place. To achieve a natural look for your lashes black mascara is generally preferred. The formula of the mascara and the form or the materials of your wand will be your choice, but the majority of mascaras come with lengthening and volumizing choices.

5 Tips for Applying Mascara

  1. Keep clean spoolies of brushes in your bag to separate lashes that are joined after applying mascara.
  2. Before applying, wipe off any excess mascara that has accumulated on the edge of the wand and onto the tube’s opening or a tissue to avoid any clumps.
  3. Apply the mascara with your eyes down so you can position your wand in as close the base of your lashes as you can without spilling the eyelid with makeup.
  4. If the lashes are curled prior applying mascara by gently lifting them upwards using your fingers after mascara has been applied can help them settle to curl, while the makeup is drying.
  5. Applying a tiny amount of powder on the under-eye area using a flat foundation brush or soft eyeshadow brush can help keep your mascara from slipping off the lower lashes from getting smudged under your eyes. If your mascara is always smudge-proof regardless of the product, consider using a tubing or waterproof formula. (Tubing mascaras are made of micro-fibers which create an “tube” around each individual lash when you rub it on. They’re waterproof, water-resistant and easy to remove by simply slipping off each lash using the warmest water along with a mild cleanser.)

How to Do Natural Eyebrow Makeup

There are a variety of products for brows that can make your eyebrows appear more defined. Make your eyebrows appear more defined by using an eyeshadow or makeup powder that is the shade of your brows by using an angled brow brush as well as a Spoolie.

There are also eyebrow pencils, waxes and gels which are the most popular, with gels and pencils being the most flexible. When you’re working with a pencil ensure that you keep sharpening the tip (if it’s a twist-up pencil choose one with sharp points).

Brow gel comes in different formulations, but it’s generally used to create a darker look and shape to your brow hairs. Brow gel has a more durable hold and can actually shape your eyebrow hairs to the shape you want.

4 Tips for Defining and Shaping Your Brows

  • Always begin working beginning from your brow’s inner part towards the ends of your brow, gently brushing upwards and then outwards, in the direction of the natural growth of your hair.
  • Use a spoolie brush to sweep your brows to soften any lines that appear harsh after filling the brows with pencil or powder.
  • If your brows start looking too dark or overly full you can brush a small amount of face powder into the brows using a spoolie. This will disperse it.
  • Your brow’s inner line should align with the inside corner of your eyes, and the arch should be 3/4 of the length across your eyes. When you define the tail, keep in naturally the direction you’re following with your eyebrow.

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