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Arthritis Compression Gloves

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Discover relief with the power of copper
What’s so special about copper? The element is believed to help improve blood circulation and increase energy and boost detoxification within the human body. Copper is widely seen as a mineral that can increase energy and mental agility, making it a popular secret element in health and well-being. Our Arthritis Compression Gloves feature copper fibers interweaved with cotton to help stimulate and activate deep repair in the hands to minimize pain and inflammation with chronic wear.
Maximum flex.
Zero burden.
Unlike other thick and stiff gloves out there, our Arthritis Compression Gloves boast thin, breathable cotton for mobile wear. Our fingerless design also allows you to type away on your laptop or tap away on your smartphone with zero hindrance.
Unisex use.
Versatile color.
Our gloves are great for men and women alike, young or old. A gray color also ensures you can wear these gloves with any outfit for any occasion — from a jog in the park to a casual Friday in the office. You’ll never look out of place (and the fingerless design adds some edge to your look). Note that due to photo lighting and natural variations in manufacturing, the color of the actual gloves may slightly vary than how it appears in photos.
Find your size
Measure the width of your palm, from one end of your palm to the other, to find your glove size. It’s that simple and fool-proof. We offer three size selections:
Small: Up to 3.13 in (7.9 cm)
Medium: Up to 3.5 in (8.9 cm)
Large: Up to 4 in (10.1 cm)
The relief you need, anytime
Wear our gloves comfortably whether you’re cooking at home, working at the office, strolling outside, shopping at the mall, doing garden work, or really just doing anything (aside from bathing or washing your hands). The more often you wear these Arthritis Compression Gloves, the greater relief you can experience over time.

15 reviews for Arthritis Compression Gloves

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  1. Zaria (verified owner)

    I purchased these compression gloves for my 86-year-old dad who has arthritis in his hands. He loves them and wears them daily, describing them as “perfect.” I’m ordering another pair for him.

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  2. Julian (verified owner)

    I highly recommend these gloves for anyone dealing with hand swelling or limited range of motion. I use them at night because my hands tend to swell, and they work wonders. The sizing guideline makes it easy to find your size.

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  3. Justice (verified owner)

    These compression gloves have been a game-changer for my osteoarthritis in my fingers. I wear them while sleeping, and my hands are less stiff and sore in the morning. They also provide relief while I work as a cashier. I bought a second pair to have one ready while the other is drying after washing. These gloves are excellent, even if you don’t have specific medical needs.

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  4. Meredith Zermeno (verified owner)

    These gloves are a lifesaver for me as a woman with rheumatoid arthritis. They keep my fingers warm, reduce swelling, and don’t limit my dexterity. They are the perfect solution for my office job. Thank you!

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  5. Boston (verified owner)

    I bought these gloves to alleviate hand pain from excessive drawing on my graphic tablet. Unfortunately, they ended up making the pain worse and were a bit loose around my wrists. However, my situation might not be typical, and these gloves may work better for those with actual arthritis.

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  6. Aubrielle Kaur (verified owner)

    As someone who suffers from arthritis, I can confirm that these compression gloves provide the comfort and warmth needed to ease the discomfort of stiff fingers. I wear them while working on the computer and appreciate the exposed fingertips for tactile sensation.

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  7. Adrianna Brady (verified owner)

    These gloves are not only comfortable but also warm and soothing to wear. I appreciate the fact that they leave my fingertips exposed, allowing me to use my devices without having to remove them. They are perfect for reading and texting.

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  8. Delaney Najera (verified owner)

    I’ve tried multiple pairs of gloves from local stores, and they tend to wear out quickly. These gloves are a perfect fit for my needs. They are made of durable material and provide extra warmth. I’ve seen some people posting pictures of gloves with seams open and unraveling. My advice is to trim any loose threads instead of pulling them.

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  9. Casen (verified owner)

    These gloves have made a significant difference for my arthritic and trigger finger hands. Just wearing them during non-work hours has provided tremendous relief. I didn’t need to consult my rheumatologist, who initially recommended them. They were slightly tight at first, but they stretched out a bit and became comfortable. They keep my hands warm, promote good circulation, and are super soft. I can’t praise them enough. Buy them with confidence!

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  10. Goldie Wall (verified owner)

    These gloves have been a game-changer for me during the cold weather. They alleviate joint pain in my knuckles and wrists, allowing me to use my computer comfortably and without needing anti-inflammatories.

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  11. Emmanuel Atkins (verified owner)

    I was initially hesitant to purchase these sandals due to reports of discomfort, but I found them incredibly comfortable straight out of the box, even without socks. The spring-activated pulse points from toes to heels create a delightful sensation and promote circulation. These sandals have exceeded my expectations, and I wish there were shoes with a similar design for all-day foot massage and enhanced circulation. I’ll likely order another pair for travel. This is an amazing product that I highly recommend.

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  12. Mauricio Webb (verified owner)

    I’ve used these sleeves for sports and sun protection, and they’ve performed well. They even held up after washing, making them a great value for the price.

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  13. Amos Wade (verified owner)

    I recently purchased these compression gloves, and they have been a game-changer. I often experience hand pain due to my long hours on my feet, but these gloves have provided relief. Initially, they felt a bit strange, but after wearing them for a short time, my hands felt fine, and I could continue drawing and sketching without any discomfort. I’m thrilled with these gloves.

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  14. Stevie Nettles (verified owner)

    Among the various compression gloves I’ve tried, these are my favorite. They cover my fingers almost entirely, without any disruptive stitching at the knuckles. They don’t shed like some other gloves I’ve used, and they provide a bit of extra warmth, which is especially nice during winter. They’re also thin enough not to hinder handling small objects.

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  15. Bodhi Hooper (verified owner)

    I love these compression gloves. They fit perfectly following the size guide and cover all my joints, providing just the right amount of compression. They have significantly reduced the pain in my hands, allowing me to type comfortably despite slowing down my typing speed slightly. They’ve held up well after multiple hand washes and look brand new. I even find them easy to remove and put back on, even with freshly washed hands. My doctor recommended compression gloves for my osteoarthritis, and I’m glad I followed the advice.

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