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Deluxe Acupuncture Slippers

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Relax with every
step you take
Who says you can’t experience a therapeutic massage as you work or go about your day? Our Deluxe Acupuncture Slippers deliver acupressure therapy to both your feet for extended relief from aches and pains. Stimulate blood flow and healing with just a pair of shoes (who would’ve thought?).
Step into reflexology
Wait. What’s that? Reflexology is the idea that pressure points on the feet, hands, and head are linked to different organs and parts of the body. Stimulate relief to anything from the heart to liver and bladder, just by wearing these slippers. Each step not only brings immediate relief to sore and aching feet, but in the long run, can help alleviate other problems in your body.
Keep it clean
Our slippers are constructed with anti-microbial EVA rubber-like material to eradicate any potential foot odor. No smelly feet or slippers here.
Three sizes
Available in EUR 38/ US 7,
EUR 40/ US 7.5, and EUR 42/ US 10.

19 reviews for Deluxe Acupuncture Slippers

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Ignacio Benson (verified owner)

    Initially, these foot massager shoes may cause some discomfort, but after persevering through it, the relief they provide is remarkable. I’m on my feet for long hours, and these shoes give my feet a hardcore massage. Wearing socks with them is recommended, and they are best used while standing or during daily activities. I’m very glad I gave these a chance.

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  2. Daniel Ackerman (verified owner)

    These spring-loaded plastic pressure point sandals have been quite a discovery. They took some getting used to, especially with my thick and tough foot soles from years of walking barefoot. But over time, I’ve been able to wear them longer. These sandals adjust to my physiology, and the spring-loaded points are more comfortable than my immobile stone sandals. While they may look somewhat cheap and plastic, they are surprisingly tough and functional. One amusing detail is the sandal’s labeling of specific pressure points, which can lead to interesting conversations with friends. However, that’s a minor concern for me.

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  3. Jake Nieto (verified owner)

    I’ve had foot and leg pain from non-diabetic neuropathy for years and have tried various products with mixed results. These Byriver shoes have made a significant difference. While they initially caused some discomfort, I gradually adapted to them by wearing thick socks and then transitioning to thinner ones. Now, I can comfortably walk around the house barefoot with them on for about 5 minutes, three times a day. These shoes are providing me with much-needed relief, and I can’t recommend them enough.

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  4. Westley Zimmer (verified owner)

    I have RA and was experiencing a ton of foot pain first thing in the morning. The balls of my feet felt like they had been hit with a hammer when I got out of bed. Throughout the day, the pain was not as intense, but it was still there. It was at the point where everything but flip flops were painful to wear. I searched for something to try and came across these foot massager shoes. I was definitely skeptical, but figured for the price, it was worth a shot. These have made a HUGE difference for me!! I wear them in the mornings and the evenings while I’m brushing my teeth and getting ready, so about 20 minutes a day total. They hurt so bad at first, but you definitely get used to it as time goes on. I have been using them about a month now and I can easily walk around in them so give it time. My foot pain is still there in the mornings, but is no big deal. I am back to wearing all of my shoes comfortably and have no pain throughout the day. I can’t give these enough stars…thank you!!!!

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  5. Angelo Zeng (verified owner)

    I have bone spurs and spend a lot of time on my feet. These sandals initially felt intense, but with gradual use, they’ve become quite comfortable. They provide relief for the pain associated with bone spurs and also help me stand up straighter while walking. They’re well-made and have a brief initial odor that dissipates quickly. In short, they serve their therapeutic purpose effectively.

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  6. Karson Nichols (verified owner)

    These foot massager shoes have made a significant difference for my feet. I spend long hours on concrete surfaces, and before I had these, I used to change my shoes and orthotic inserts frequently due to foot cramps. However, after using these for just 5-15 minutes a night at home for a month, my foot pain has significantly decreased. Now, I don’t even need to wear them every day.

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  7. Matias Barr (verified owner)

    After reading about the pain and relief in the reviews, I decided to try these foot massager shoes for myself. I already have an acupressure mat for insomnia, and it helps me tremendously. These shoes arrived, and I immediately put them on to assess the pain level. For me, there was some discomfort while walking around in them, but it wasn’t as painful as some reviewers mentioned. I can already feel the potential for these shoes to help with my heel pain and provide a soothing massage. I can’t wait to continue wearing them around the house before bedtime.

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  8. Josephine Harding (verified owner)

    These slippers have been a blessing for my high arches and tight foot muscles. While they may not be suitable for everyone, I find the pressure they provide comforting. They have helped me immensely with foot cramps and muscle tension. These slippers are a great addition to my daily routine.

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  9. Stefan Beltran (verified owner)

    These sleeves provide a snug compression effect, making them my favorite choice. I wear them at work to stay comfortable on the warehouse floor and for added insulation in refrigerated areas. They provide both comfort and protection, making them an excellent choice.

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  10. Banks Nickerson (verified owner)

    I was initially skeptical about these sandals, having tried numerous treatments for my foot pain. However, these sandals have been a game-changer. They provide relief not only for foot pain but also for lower back discomfort. Despite the initial discomfort, they are effective in relaxing the tendons and muscles in the ankle and leg. They are particularly helpful for those who spend long hours on their feet. While they may look unassuming, their functionality surpasses expectations.

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  11. Jaxon (verified owner)

    I suffer from plantar fasciitis, and these foot massager shoes have been a game-changer for me. While they may initially feel intense, they have provided much-needed relief for my foot and lower back pain. Wearing socks with them during the initial period is recommended. These shoes, combined with compression socks, have made a significant difference in my comfort.

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  12. Adele (verified owner)

    I highly recommend following the instructions for using this product. It has significantly reduced my pain, and any remaining discomfort has improved with continued use. Following the guidelines will benefit you greatly.

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  13. Zelda Livingston (verified owner)

    I was initially reluctant to buy these sandals due to the reported discomfort, but I found them extremely comfortable right away, even without socks. I love the sensation of the spring-activated pulse points from toes to heels. While they may feel intense initially, you quickly get used to it, and it becomes an enjoyable experience. I plan to use them at home and perhaps even for work travel. This is an amazing product, and I highly recommend it.

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  14. Lucille Nichols (verified owner)

    I suffer from Plantar fasciitis and have tried numerous treatments. These slippers, though initially uncomfortable, have provided relief. They are better than my immobile stone sandals as the spring-loaded pressure points adjust to my physiology. They may look plastic-ish but are sturdy and functional. The labeling of pressure points may be amusing to some but isn’t a significant concern.

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  15. Maci Lane (verified owner)

    Initially, these sandals might feel like torture, but with gradual use, they can provide significant relief. I wear them with thick socks to ease into the sensation. Over time, they’ve improved my circulation and relieved tension in the bottom of my feet, benefiting the tendons and muscles in the ankle and leg. While they may initially have an odor, it dissipates quickly. These sandals are well-made and serve their therapeutic purpose effectively.

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  16. Santos Armenta (verified owner)

    These sandals are truly amazing. While they may be slightly uncomfortable at first, the pressure modules provide immediate relief. I’ve been suffering from plantar fasciitis for a long time, and these sandals target the pain points effectively. After just 15-20 minutes of wear, my feet feel incredible. I’ve already used them twice!

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  17. Joaquin Newcomb (verified owner)

    I used to suffer from a lot of foot pain due to standing and walking around extensively. These sandals have been a fantastic purchase. At first, they were painful to wear, but with consistent use as recommended (just 5 minutes a day), the pain gradually subsided. Within a few days, I could wear them comfortably, and my foot pain disappeared. I’ve had these for about a year now, and my feet no longer hurt at all. I occasionally put them on to reset, and they have been incredibly effective. These sandals work wonders, and I highly recommend them.

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  18. Novah Blackburn (verified owner)

    These foot massager shoes have been a huge help for my foot problems due to diabetes. I use them for 15 minutes in the morning, noon, and night, and they have made a noticeable difference in reducing pain. While they don’t make the pain go away completely, they certainly make it more manageable.

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  19. Theodore (verified owner)

    I recently received these foot massager shoes, and I already love them. They feel slightly uncomfortable at first, but that discomfort is worth it because they provide relief when worn. After taking them off, I feel significantly better. I’m gradually increasing the time I wear them, and I can’t wait to get used to them completely.

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