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Heart on a String – Reward Ball

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Retrieving ball for power-chewers
Help your dog fight boredom with this fun new toy
The Heart on a String is an ultra-durable chew and retrieving dog toy. It can also hold a small amount of treats and/or peanut butter to add additional interest. Made from natural rubber which is harvested from rubber trees, it features a natural and sustainable material.
Designed for the most powerful chewers
Reduces problem behaviors
Reduces problem chewing, helps reduce boredom and relieves separation anxiety. It is a great retrieving toy as well. Give it a throw using the rope and let your dog use up some extra energy!
For dental health
The ridges on this retrieving ball are stimulating for your dog while also cleaning your dog’s teeth while it chews, helping prevent tooth decay and bad breath.
Natural ingredients
Manufactured in the USA where the integrity of materials, the process, and the overall quality can be ensured. SodaPup’s all-natural rubber compound is FDA compliant, non-toxic and biodegradable. It is sustainably harvested helping to reduce the carbon footprint. This ball is animal and planet friendly!
About SodaPup

At SodaPup we specialize in creating fun and innovative dog toys for dogs that destroy everything! All of our products are made in the USA and are FDA compliant, meaning they are the safest dog toys in the market today.

SodaPup has developed several brands, each with a unique theme that appeals to different consumer segments. Our brands are SodaPup, USA-K9, Industrial Dog, MuttsKickButt, Spotnik, and Harvard’s Finest (our brand of grain-free dog treats).

SodaPup gives back to the communities it serves, directing contributions to animal shelters as well as dog-related veterans organizations.

Designed In
Boulder, Colorado
Brand values
Made in USA
Social Good

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8 reviews for Heart on a String – Reward Ball

  1. Estrella Lozano (verified owner)

    This toy is awesome! It features a solid rubber ball with a fairly long attached rope. While the rope itself is somewhat thin, it doesn’t seem to affect the toy’s quality. My dog absolutely adores this toy.

  2. Quentin (verified owner)

    I struggle to find these at dog vendors during dog shows, and even in stores. I lost mine and wanted to replace it, and this is exactly what I was looking for. My lab destroys tennis balls on ropes, but this hard rubber toy is perfect.

  3. Winnie Aragon (verified owner)

    My Dutchie is notorious for being rough on toys, and I’ve gone through several rope balls from other companies that he promptly “murdered.” However, this ball is nearly bombproof. I use it as my dog’s primary reward in our Search & Rescue training, and it’s crucial to limit its use to maintain its high value. He remains motivated to work and earn his ball for a tug session after successfully finding his “victim” in our training scenarios. If your dog loves balls but also enjoys tug-of-war, this is the toy for them. Don’t waste your time and money on anything else. Thanks!

  4. Ellie Dillon (verified owner)

    My dog adores this toy! It’s the only one she’ll play with. She engages with it every day and often carries it around in her mouth. So, even though the one I bought back in April is still in great condition, like new, I decided to order another one to have as a backup in case the original wears out or gets lost. She would be heartbroken without her beloved toy.

  5. Aleah (verified owner)

    This toy appears quite sturdy, and my dogs are extremely excited about it, which is excellent for training. It’s heavier than expected and large enough not to pose a choking hazard. I do wish they made one that was tennis ball-sized (2.7″), which would be ideal. Overall, it’s a good toy, but a slight size adjustment would be perfect. 🙂

  6. Nellie (verified owner)

    Our pup adores retrieving and playing tug-of-war with these toys. I recommend buying two so that when your dog brings one back, you can throw the other, prompting them to drop the one they just retrieved.

  7. Phoenix Heath (verified owner)

    My dog sometimes pretends to give me the toy, only to change her mind and take off with it! Thanks to the rope, I can finally grab it and play tug-of-war with her. 🙂

  8. Landen (verified owner)

    I have a Czech Shepherd, and we use this every day for PSA training! It’s an excellent training tool.

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