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Multi-Device Qi Wireless Charging Dock

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Fast, convenient power + organization
Tidy up while you charge up
There’s a newer, sleeker way to juice up your devices when you have this design-forward, 9V/1.2A-powered Multi-Device Qi Wireless Charging Dock. Made for devices with wireless-charging capability, score storage space and more battery in one centered space and place.
Behold the center of power
Watches, phones, earphones
There’s finally a home for everything (without needing multiple wireless charging pads). Consolidate (and decorate) with this sleek charging station.
Qi-certified for safe charging
Wireless qi charging ensures no foreign object detection as you power up, meaning credit cards, keys, coins, and other items do not interfere with charging.
Three head types for variety
Our station is built with one Type-C, Lighting, and Micro USB port each (the port also rotates 360 degrees too).

17 reviews for Multi-Device Qi Wireless Charging Dock

  1. L.

    This is a very handy device. It took me a minute to figure out that the phone hookup rotates and can fit a number of iPhone models. I like the apple watch hookup too. It is worth buying

  2. N.

    Fast charger. It takes up a bit of space but I did eliminate my watch charger and it charges my phone, watch and earbuds all at the same time which is nice. If you think it’s pricey, ask yourself how many chargers would it cost to have 3 chargers and this will eliminate all of those.

  3. K.

    I love the ability to charge my phone, watch and airpods at night when I sleep without having to search for multiple power cords and outlets! It’s at the head of my bed in one place and there isn’t a web of cords tangling everything up!

  4. O.

    I had a very simple charging device but with more technology comes the need for better, more efficient chargers! I’m also trying to reduce clutter and excess cords on my bed stand. This solves all my problems. And there are multiple options for charging so you can charge an iPhone, Apple Watch, and then an accessory that uses a mini usb cable. Nifty device!

  5. M.

    I read a lot of reviews online for so many chargers, and I’m so happy I selected this one. It frees up my night stand, and my husband and I can charge everything on it. My only complaint is that my phone does get warm while charging, but I already knew that going into it.

  6. D.

    After using this for about 2 weeks, I decided to write a review for this since it is worth it. The price is fair and the charge is pretty fast. It can not only charge the lighting input but also has the USB type-C. for the Airpods charger, you don’t need to take off the case for charging. Really good product. Also, it delivered fast too.

  7. P.

    The product looks very nice. All charging ports function properly. Two small but HUGE improvements could make it better and more efficient. 1. Why not include two USB connections on the provided charging block? You would go from taking over a complete electrical outlet to just one plug. 2. The wireless charging spot is located between the airpod charging mount and the rotating charge dial. Most people have their phones in cases so I was disappointed to find that my phone would not fit while in the case. A mere 1/8″-1/4″ inch would accommodate virtually all phone cases.

  8. J.

    Admit it, we all have multiple devices, and if not, at least two in the house. For myself, having the ability to charge the watch, my phone, and significant others on 1 cradle in the bedroom helps a ton vs the traditional “Is your Phone/Watch done?” or “Does it have enough?”, or better; “Where did the charger go!?” GREAT product!!

  9. P.

    This is a convenient charging platform. The QI flat charging surface charges both my iPhone 8 and X quite quickly. My airpods and watch charge as normal. It is nice having everything in one place. Makes it easier to get ready for work knowing that these 4 items are now in one place. No more forgetting my watch.

  10. T.

    I love this! It’s replacing 3 different devices on my bedside table and saving me a couple plugs on my power strip! It’s quiet and doesn’t bother you at night. I’m surprised with the quality of the product for the price you pay.

  11. R.

    This is the best charging station I’ve found. It’s relatively inexpensive, looks great, feels nice to the touch, and offers plenty of charging options for your wearable and portable devices. Really like that you can charge your phone via wireless charge pad or via plug. In fact you can use the wireless pad for the phone, plug in your ipad, iwatch, and airpods, ALL at once using this station.

  12. N.

    Great charger for multiple devices. Best value for the price and works as well if not better than OE. Been using it for over a week and I’m very pleased. So much easier to have all my devices in one spot. Has not bothered me during a night’s sleep even though it is close by.

  13. S.

    This product is amazing! I’ve spent money left and right on chargers for years. I either end up losing them or having issues down the line. But once I bought this product everything was made simple. It is so convenient to have all of your chargers in one spot. Now before I go to bed I just set my phone down and in basically no time it’s already charged! I love this product and the price is what sold me on it! I highly recommend you won’t regret it!

  14. H.

    I brought this as a gift for my wife’s birthday. She loves it. She can charge all her iphone, airpod and iwatch on it on her bed side table. Good thing is it consumes very less space and is quite well-built and does not move around. The wireless charging pad is an added bonus and an important one; one does need to fiddle around to plug a phone, just place over it and done. The rotary dial like phone/tablet station with thunderbolt and USB-C output is great for other phones and tablet. The charging dock is sufficiently powerful to charge all devices simultaneously. Overall, in my view, it is the best charging dock/station for all your needs.

  15. A.

    This is the most efficient thing in my house. I’m able to charge three things at once, and quickly. There’s usually a single Qi charger in our high traffic area near the kitchen that everyone in my family fights over. It’s a sad moment when someone beats you to it and you have to (gasp) use a cord…but this device is a game changer and saves me from having to plug in to charge. If you have multiple devices that need to be charged at the end of the day, this device will reduce the clutter and keep your items in one spot, ready to go. Highly recommend!!!

  16. U.

    Reason I decided on this is because I’m trying to avoid all the cords being tangle or having multiple ones connected to the outlet. This one includes all the cords already installed on the device. The only one you need is the one to the watch. The good thing that I love is that the device has a usb insert for the watch charger to get connected to. So all you really need to connect to the wall is one cord which is the one from the device. Amazing product. Multiple devices can get connected and it also has the wireless part. It chargers everything super fast. No more hassle of having to charge everything individually. Great product for the price.

  17. E.

    I ordered this product to place in one of our homes as an extra convenience for our guests. I love the fact that the provided charger is strong enough to quick charge my Samsung Galaxy, iPhone XR, and watch all at the same time. My fear of having so many large power consumption devices connected all at the same time the unit or the charging block would get hot. But to my surprise it did not! This is a wonderful item as the rotating charging ports guarantee that no matter who comes and visits if their device doesn’t have wireless charging they can still charge their device no problem. My only design issue is that the charging prongs are on a small hinge so they don’t break but having this slight built in movement makes it a little difficult to remove and replace your device in the middle of the night when it is dark. I will be buying more of these so that every nightstand has one in our home.

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