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Fruit Feeder Pacifier

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Mmm, the taste of fruit — without choking
Fruit is one of the healthiest foods. Chock full of vitamins and minerals, they’re a great real food for babies and young ones to enjoy. However, fruit always prevents a possible choking hazard with chunks and seeds, which makes some parents hesitant to feed it to their kids. Enter our Fruit Feeder Pacifier, a great feeding solution that lets your little one enjoy the natural taste of fruit without the possible hazards.
Safe to use, easy to clean
Each Fruit Feeder Pacifier (and feeder head) is made from high-quality silicone that is ultra soft. The pacifier is safe to wash under hot water with liquid soap, and each order comes with one dust cover to ensure that the pacifier stays clean when not used or protected if dropped accidentally.
Ease your way into it
Prevent coughing and choking (or slapping away of the hand) from your little one by using this pacifier to ease your baby into tasting fruit.
Comes in three sizes
(and two colors)
Each pacifier comes in a choice of a blue or pink handle, and each includes a set of three head sizes (S, M, L) to make sure it can accommodate your baby as he/she grows. The pacifier heads are designed according to mouth development for max comfort.
Sized for little ones
Each pacifier head contains one of each sized head, which is sized as follows (in L xW):
Size S: 1.6 x 0.98 in (for 4 – 6 months old)
Size M: 1.6 x 1.18 in (for 6 – 9 months old)
Size L: 1.8 x 1.37 in (for 9 -12 months old)

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11 reviews for Fruit Feeder Pacifier

  1. Nelson Alexander (verified owner)

    These feeders proved invaluable when my baby started exploring solid foods. Simply place the food inside, and let your baby mash it up independently!

  2. Cynthia Zeno (verified owner)

    Love these! Although the large one doesn’t hold as much food as the mesh feeders, they are easier to clean, and the holes are larger. I keep them in the fridge to provide extra relief for teething. My 7-month-old gets excited when she sees them!

  3. Murphy (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised by these feeders. I was concerned that the nipple might be too tough for a baby’s gums, but it’s thin and flexible while being durable enough to withstand chewing. I highly recommend them!

  4. Sebastian Acker (verified owner)

    Our 8-month-old is going through a tough teething phase, and these feeders have been a godsend. We fill them with banana puree or pear puree and freeze them. On the first day, he devoured all three and couldn’t get enough. He clings to them and finishes every bit.

  5. Emory (verified owner)

    I no longer fear choking hazards when my child enjoys fruits and veggies thanks to this feeder. It allows my child to savor them safely. Cleaning is effortless, and while the small size requires frequent refills, the larger size accommodates more food. It’s a fantastic product.

  6. Florence (verified owner)

    I recommend these feeders; they are easy to clean and leave no debris or bacteria behind since they’re made of silicone. They are easy for babies or toddlers to hold and come with different sizes of silicone inserts to accommodate your child’s growing mouth and teething needs. Occasionally, they may snap apart, but they are usually easy to reassemble. We’ve used them for purees, frozen or fresh fruits, and they work exceptionally well, providing significant relief from teething discomfort.

  7. Nicholas Amin (verified owner)

    These feeders are fantastic! They come in three different sizes to accommodate various snack options and are easy for my son to hold. Cleaning is a breeze, and they provide peace of mind. We initially used cloth feeders, but these silicone ones offer better cleanliness assurance. They make a great addition to a baby shower gift basket!

  8. Kenna (verified owner)

    These are perfect for teething infants and toddlers. Initially, we used ice cubes for teething relief, and later, as our child transitioned to solid foods, we placed whole strawberries inside for a safe chewing experience. These feeders effectively prevent food particles from escaping, making them a hit with both my grandchildren and me.

  9. Hamza Rios (verified owner)

    These feeders have been a game-changer for us during our baby’s transition to solid foods. They contain the mess effectively, especially for slippery foods like avocado. They were invaluable in the early stages when he was learning to eat with his toothless gums. While we don’t use them as frequently now, they were well worth the investment and are easy to clean.

  10. Maddie Huerta (verified owner)

    Much easier to clean than mesh feeders. My 6-month-old enjoys eating fruit from this feeder. He still manages to make a mess by squeezing the silicone with his hands and smearing it everywhere. Occasionally, he even throws the feeder, but overall, he loves being able to hold it and feed himself.

  11. Skyla Novak (verified owner)

    These feeders were a lifesaver, especially during car rides when my son despised his car seat. We used them from 4 to 8 months, and they served us well. The feeders are of great quality, easy to clean, and easy to hold. I recommend attaching a strap to avoid misplacement when outdoors. Safety is paramount, especially if it falls on the ground.

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