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Vegan Skincare – What it is and Why Matters

Every day more skincare and cosmetic companies can be seen leaving the traditional animal testing approach. Vegan Skincare approach is prevailing across the ...

Black Hair Dye 101: DIY Techniques, Cultural Insights, and More

In a world where self-expression and embracing one's identity are highly valued, the choice of hair color has become a powerful form of personal expression. ...

Curly Hairs, Long Curly Hair Cut

Welcome to the world of DIY hair styling! At MartX.us, we believe in empowering you to express yourself through your hair. Whether it’s curly or straight, ...

21 Cute Fall Design Nails Ideas

A deep navy or classic wine will never be out of fashion Why not experiment with some new fall nail designs this fall? An unconventional approach appears to ...

18 Milky White Nail Ideas

Although manicure styles have become more elaborate there's still a timeless appeal to white, milky nails. But, it's not just about nail polish and allowing ...

10 Nail Design Ideas in 2022 for different Nail Shapes

You must first consider your preferred nail form before considering color, patterns, or finish. There are various key factors to consider when deciding ...

Short Nails & Short Square Acrylic Nails Manicure

A regular manicure is a pleasure however If the reason for you to go frequently is due to constant breaks and chips the nail may not be as ...

How to Do Natural Eye Makeup

The foundation of makeup is always skincare. Apply a small amount of the eye cream, or moisturizer prior to applying the concealer under your eyes to soften ...

Makeup Routine for Simple & Natural Makeup Looks

The addition of new winter makeup products to your makeup cabinet can lighten your winter nights and make you look more inviting and cosy. In this article, ...

Are Mineral Cosmetics the Best Choice For Your Skin?

Mineral cosmetics have actually ended up being incredibly popular over the last numerous years because lots of people wish to decrease their direct exposure ...

How To Remove Hair Dye

Hair dye failures are part of the normal. You believed that those rainbow hues or green-tinted stripes would look stunning on you. However, when you ...

Cosmetic Regulations For Personal Care Products

The cosmetic policy is a misnomer. The FDA (Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act) was produced in 1938 and is the designated federal government ...

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